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There are over 13.5 million in-home injection users in the United States. That amounts to over 7.8 billion needles every year that need to be properly disposed.

After every injection, the same question arises for many in-home users and maybe you too. “What do I do with this used needle?”

These needles can cause accidental needlesticks in the home and in the waste stream. Soda pop and detergent bottles are not safe, puncture-proof alternatives.

Many states and cities have fines for improper disposal. For information on your local disposal guidelines click here.

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UltiGuard Safe Pack is the only all-in-one solution to address dispensing and disposal of sharps. It is compliant with sharps disposal guidelines in all 50 states and has helped over 460 million pen needles and syringes be disposed of safely since 2015.

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