0001 72002 UC Vet Rx 12mm 29g PN 3 QTR Open

Safely Managing Your Pet's Diabetes

UltiGuard Safe Pack is the only dual-purpose system that allows you to dispense a new needle and safely dispose a used needle, keeping your pet and community safe.

The Safe Pack contains 100 premium quality needles and is available in the 12.7mm size. UltiCare VetRx pen needles fit all pen injectors sold in the U.S.

The Only All-In-One Solution

Easy to Use
UltiGuard Safe Pack has an upper and a lower chamber. New pen needles are dispensed from the lower chamber and safely discarded in the upper chamber. Pen Needle UltiGuard Safe Pack secures used needles once the wheel on the side of the container has been turned.

Easy to Dispose
When you have used all the needle supply, follow your state or local guidelines for proper disposal.

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