UltiGuard Safe Pack Pen Needles

Protect your home and your neighborhood.

There are over 13.5 million in-home injection users in the United States. That amounts to over 4 billion needles every year that need to be properly disposed.

After every injection the same question arises for many in-home users and maybe you too. “What do I do with this used needle?”

Improper sharps containment and disposal put our community at risk for accidental needlesticks injuries. For information on your local disposal guidelines click here.

The Only All-In-One Solution

Easy to Use
UltiGuard Safe Pack has an upper and a lower chamber. New pen needles are dispensed from the lower chamber and safely discarded in the upper chamber. Pen Needle UltiGuard Safe Pack secures used needles once the wheel on the side of the container has been turned.

Easy to Dispose
When you have used all the needle supply, follow your state or local guidelines for proper disposal.

UltiGuard Safe Pack Pen Needles

Safe Sharps Disposal For The Home

Surveys indicate that less than 5% of the more than 7.8 billion sharps sold in the United States annually are disposed of in a closed container. The other 95% are deposited unprotected into household trash putting individuals at risk for accidental needle sticks.

With the UltiGuard Safe Pack all-in-one system you don't have to worry about safe disposal or accidental needle stick injuries.

Learn About Safe Needle Disposal

Easy as 1,2,3!

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Simply POP the needle from the side door.

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After the injection, DROP the used needle into the top.

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ROLL the handle to safeguard the needle in the Safe Pack.

Available in the following pen needle sizes: