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UltiCare VetRx UltiGuard Safe Pack U-40 Insulin Syringes

UltiGuard Safe Pack is the only insulin syringe product that combines premium quality, human-grade syringes with a sharps container.

The all-in-one solution protects healthcare providers, pet owners, pets, and communities safe from accidental needle stick injuries. The UltiGuard Safe Pack meets proper disposal guidelines in all 50 states and is available for use with U-40 insulin in 3/10cc, 1/2cc and 1cc sizes.

UltiCare VetRx U-40 insulin syringes are for use with Vetsulin®, ProZinc® or any U-40 strength of insulin.

Understanding U-40 and U-100 Insulin and Syringes

Your veterinarian will prescribe either U-40 or U-100 insulin for your pet. It is critical that you use the corresponding insulin syringe for proper dosing. While U-40 is often prescribed for cats and dogs, it’s important to know there are two types of insulin and a proper corresponding syringe must be used for insulin injections. A U-40 insulin syringe will have a red needle cap and a U-100 insulin syringe an orange needle cap.

What does the “U” mean?

“U”, on the syringe and insulin bottle, refers to units of active insulin.

What is the difference between U-40 and U-100?

U-40 insulin has 40 units of insulin per milliliter of liquid, and U-100 has 100 units of insulin per milliliter of liquid. This means for the exact same liquid volume, U-100 insulin has 2.5 times more units of insulin than U-40 insulin.

Overall, U-40 insulin is a more soluble insulin specifically designed for cats and dogs. If your veterinarian prescribes U-40 insulin, it is essential to use a U-40 insulin syringe for proper dosing. Likewise, if your veterinarian prescribes U-100 insulin, you should use a corresponding U-100 insulin syringe.

Cat at Vet with Syringe

The UltiGuard is the convenient, affordable way to keep your home and community safe.

The UltiGuard® Safe Pack allows you to easily access our premium quality syringes and dispose of them properly. Each UltiGuard Safe Pack contains 100 premium quality syringes. Once a syringe has been used you simply pop it in the top, drop and roll it safely out the way. There’s no need to spend more on a separate sharps container.

UltiCare VetRx insulin syringes with UltiGuard Safe Pack help protect your family, pets, community, and environment.

The Only All-In-One Solution

Easy to Use
UltiGuard Safe Pack has an upper and a lower chamber. New syringes are dispensed from the lower chamber and safely discarded in the upper chamber. Syringe UltiGuard Safe Pack secures used needles once the wheel on the side of the container has been turned.

Easy to Dispose
When you have used all the needle supply, follow your state or local guidelines for proper disposal.

UG Safe Pack Cut Out Arrows Pop Drop Roll

Easy as 1, 2, 3!


Simply POP the syringe package from the bottom of unit.


After the injection, DROP the used syringe into the top.

Step 3 u GSP SYR

ROLL the handle to secure the syringe in the Safe Pack.