44000 UC Alcohol Swabs 100ct 3 QTR

Alcohol Swabs

UltiCare Alcohol Swabs

UltiCare sterile alcohol swabs optimally clean and disinfect the skin to prevent infection.

  • ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL: Saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol for optimal cleansing.
  • INDIVIDUAL PACKETS: Sterile four-layer foil wrapper provides an airtight seal to prevent drying out.
  • TWO-PLY: Sterile swab is 2.36" long x 1.1" wide when unfolded.
  • MULTI PURPOSE USE: Clean small wounds or cuts, sanitize skin prior to injection or remove oil or sticky residue from surfaces.

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Alcohol Swabs

UltiCare Alcohol Swabs are individual pads saturated in 70% isopropyl alcohol for optimum anti-bacterial action. These sterile alcohol swabs are ideal for professionals, hospitals, and individuals.

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Wholesaler 100 Count 200 Count
NDC Code 08222-4400-06 08222-4400-13
UPC Code 3-57515-44000-6 3-57515-44001-3
AmerisourceBergen 6 Digit Order Number 414300 414268
AmerisourceBergen 8 Digit Order Number
Cardinal Order Number 5106281 5106315
Henry Schein Order Number
GEMCO Order Number
Kinray Order Number 707277 706255
McKesson Order Number 3451267 3451275
McKesson Medical Surgical Order Number
Medline Order Number
Morris Dickson Order Number 159970 160010
Mutual Drug Order Number 175208
Rochester Drug Order Number
Smith Drug Order Number 724518 875500
Value Drug Order Number 150871 150873

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Quantity: 100 , 200
Sharps Container Included? No

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