UltiCare VetRx UltiGuard Safe Pack Featured at VMX

Date: January 22, 2020

Sarah Hassen, VP of Sales and Marketing, spoke recently about our UltiCare VetRx UltiGuard Safe Pack at VMX, Veterinary Meeting and Expo conference.

As an industry leader in injection devices and safe sharps stewardship, UltiMed is proud to showcase the only all-in-one solution, the UltiGuard Safe Pack. It is the only insulin syringe product that combines premium quality, human-grade syringes with a sharps container.

The all-in-one UltiGuard Safe Pack protects healthcare providers, pet owners, pets, and communities safe from accidental needle stick injuries. The UltiGuard Safe Pack meets proper disposal guidelines in all 50 states and is available for use with U-40 insulin in 3/10cc, 1/2cc and 1cc sizes and 3/10cc and 1/2cc sizes for U-100 insulin.

Watch the Spark Marketplace interview here.

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